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Your Star

Your Star is an adventure, exploration, and horror role-playing game. The player takes control of a young boy who sets out to explore a strange mansion to find his sister… with the ultimate goal to escape the place. This mansion is haunted by Shadows and you have to fight them throughout your journey.


The game is set in a dark mansion and light is an important element. It is a dark place and the only company you have is your teddy bear. The teddy bear casts a light that dissipates shadows and lights up your way.


However, shadows (your enemies) are attracted by the light source and try to absorb it. This means you need to fight these enemies quickly before the bear’s power is depleted.

The boy is resistant to madness (Mind) and has a strength to fight the Shadows (Will). By finding hidden items and missing pieces of the teddy bear, these characteristics can be improved.


Some of the gameplay elements consist of exploration, fighting, and solving riddles.


Exploration: This aspect requires you to find the appropriate keys for opening doors. Find a way through the mansion and survive an alternate version, which is much more dark.


Fighting: You will need to fight the lurking shadows and defeat powerful enemies.


Solving riddles: The solving riddles aspect consists of solving logic and memory riddles. By doing this you will progress through the game and the story. Solving riddles can also unlock useful bonus items.


Your Star Gameplay Video


Your Star Final Thoughts

The game is based on hand-made drawings on paper. This gives the game truly unique visuals and atmosphere. If you like adventure, exploration, and horror role-playing games. We recommend you check out Your Star. It has immersive gameplay and you can easily spend many hours playing this game.

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