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Video Gaming – Live Your Life A Game At A Time

What is video gaming? It’s the one and only thing you’d want to be doing when you’re in that moment and kicking ass in a game you like. I could simply say gaming is endless fun hour after hour, day after day. That would be correct, but there’s a lot more to it. Gaming is a way of expressing yourself and feeling in complete control and a sense of utter responsibility. When you’re having a good time and playing so hard, the game is all you can think about, and all you want to be think about.


Nothing else matters and almost completely seizes to exist. It’s just you and the game and that’s all you could ask for. You’re on top of the world. There is nothing else you would rather be doing and the last thing on your mind is to stop playing and walk away. This is because gaming feeds your body, mind and soul. Thousands of calculations are taking place inside your head and you’re enjoying the challenge. What’s behind the next door, and how do I get there. You are energized and in a perfect mindset. You’re constantly craving for more and it’s hardly ever enough.


One of the most difficult things to walk away from is the game you are playing. If you were forced to stop playing, it can easily lead to rage and violence. This would simply be a natural reaction because we protect the things we like. Especially the things which make us feel good deep inside. Gaming has the power to instantly change your mood. When you fire up that wicked game, no matter how bad your day has been, gaming makes everything just fine and you feel on top of things again. It makes you whole again. It brings out the real you and let’s it shine. A good game can be truly timeless.


Every time you play one of your favorite games again after some years, it seems so different. That’s because you are different. I’ll assume you’ve red this far and you agree with me on a lot of my statements. So let me ask you something. What will you play today? What’s the name of the game!


Author: S.K.

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