Titanfall 2 PC game review

Titanfall 2

The first Titanfall game was a lot of fun. Before release, it was said it would take a single player campaign and mix it with an online multiplayer shooter. While the game was a lot of fun it never quite clicked, but the building blocks for something bigger and better were certainly there.


Thankfully Titanfall 2 improves on its predecessor in pretty much every way and is one of the best PC shooters of 2016. Read on to see what makes this one of the best PC games of 2016.


How Is The Campaign?

Titanfall 2 has one of the best sci-fi stories that I have encountered in a shooter in quite a while. It may not win any prizes for originality, but it does what it does so well, you cannot help, but be sucked in. You play the role of a young man called Jack Cooper who one day hopes to be a Titan pilot. Well, this happens much sooner than you would think as one day all hell breaks loose, your mentor dies and he gives you control of his Titan who is known as BT.


You and BT form a partnership that may just win the war! Without giving any spoilers this campaign is a lot of fun. It may be predictable in places, but you will be willing to overlook this.


The reason for that is the relationship between Jack and BT is awesome. Now a soldier and a giant mech may sound like some kind of cheesy 80’s buddy cop comedy. But it works very well. The two have a great relationship and by the end of the game, you will care a great deal about BT. He can be a bit of a smart ass and his deadpan delivery on certain things is just hilarious.


The level design in the campaign is very well thought out. Jungles, battlefields large factories and other kinds of locations will test your skills as a Pilot (when you play as Jack) and when you are in direct control of BT. Each level has sections that are made for both Jack and BT. For example, in this large factory type level you will need to use BT to get through the toxic waste, but then there are areas that will require Jack’s platforming skills to make it to the next area.


Speaking of which these sections are incredible. You would think that a game about piloting giant mechs would see that as the highlight. But the controls of Jack as he runs, jumps and climbs are just so silky smooth it is a major highlight of the game. I would go as far to say that this is one of the best first person platforming experiences I have ever had.


During the campaign, you will encounter some great bosses who will give you some good loot for killing them. Regular soldiers and titans are the main foes that you will be facing in the campaign, but sometimes you will stumble across some kind of animal and have to deal with that as well.


One Of The Best Multiplayer Games Of 2016!

I had a great deal of fun with the campaign and it took me a little over six hours to beat it. But it is the multiplayer part that has kept me hooked on Titanfall 2. Above all else, this is just fun to play and one game is never enough and before you know it you have been playing for two hours and jumped up a few levels.


There are a number of game modes in Titanfall 2 with things like Pilots vs Pilots, where no Titans are allowed, Capture The Flag, Team Deathmatch, Last Titan Standing, Free For All and a few more.  Any kind of first person shooter game mode that you would expect to be in here is. The one that really captured my attention was Bounty Hunt.


In Bounty Hunt, there are two teams, but there is a load of AI soldiers running around the map also. Each one of these AI soldiers that you will earn you some money. After a wave, you need to make it to a bank to deposit your money. The problem is if you are killed by a player on the other team before you bank your cash they get half of it! This mode is a lot of fun and will have you laughing and swearing a whole lot while you play.


The overall gameplay of Titanfall 2 is very fast paced. But due to the silky smooth controls, you always feel like you are in full control of your character. One thing that is worth mentioning is the Titans are no longer as overpowered as they were in the first game. In the original Titanfall, a Titan had a regenerating shield. That is not the case now. When you damage a Titan it can stay damaged. But you can get some energy back. This is done in a very smart way.


As a Pilot, you can run and jump on the back of a Titan and steal a battery pack. This takes energy away from that Titan, but the twist is you can now place this battery pack in one of your own team’s Titans to give it a bit more energy. I have been in a few games where some players will just play as Pilots and run around trying to make sure their teams Titans are OK with energy.


Tons Of Titans

Titanfall 2 has six different classes of Titan. These are Ion, Scorch, Ronin, Tone, Legion, and Northstar. What is great about the different classes is that as well as having different weapons and abilities. Each of the Titan classes has a distinctive look and this makes taking them on much more interesting. For example, a Northstar Titan can hover so when it is hovering, you know a barrage of missiles are about to come down so you need to get the heck out of there!


Ronin like his name suggests is kind of like a ninja and when his core ability is fully charged he unleashes a powerful sword attack that does immense damage at close range so you do not want to take him head on.


As you play the game, you will get to learn each Titan and figure out what is the best tactics for dealing with them. Some you can take head on others require a little more thinking. There were certain Titans that I would go out of my way to avoid whereas others I would feel comfortable taking on and then I would feel like a badass once they fell.


Keep Moving Forward

Another thing that makes Titanfall 2 such a fun and rewarding game to play is the progression of it all. I always felt like I was on the way to getting a new weapon, ability, skin, attachment or some other kind of bonus. Even just something like a new banner or emblem makes you want to play that one extra game so you can level up, complete a challenge or just earn a little extra game currency to buy something cool. Titanfall 2 is a game that always feels like it is rewarding you for playing and I really liked that.


Titanfall 2 PC Gameplay Video


Titanfall 2 Final Thoughts

Titanfall 2 is not just one of the best shooters of the year. It is one of the best PC games of 2016 in general. This has to be one of the best sequels in the last decade or so. It just adds so much new content to what was already a very decent game that it is impossible not to be impressed by it. Titanfall 2 offers a great single player campaign and a fun multiplayer that will keep you coming back again and again. This is a game that cannot be recommended highly enough.

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