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Syndicate PC Walkthrough

Syndicate PC walkthrough guide.


Chapter 1: Wakeup Call

New York, 2069

I wake up. The pain is real. The voice in my head says it will help me to survive. I trust the voice.


You wake up and find yourself sitting on a chair. Your hands are tied. Some dude is beating you and telling you to wake up. Execute him. After you execute him, repeatedly press “F” button to break your hands free. You hear a voice say “they’re coming for you, Kilo”. It’s time to get out of here. Other “guards” will be coming for you. Exit the room you are in and enter the next room. Once you enter the next room, move fast as bullets will be flying through the windows to your left. Press “Shift” key while moving to Sprint. Once you’re past that area you will approach a desk blocking your way. Jump over it by pressing the “Space” key while moving. Approach the next door and press “F” key to open it, then continue pressing “F” key repeatedly to open the door. There will be a flying turret shooting at you. Turn left by pressing left “Ctrl” button and crawl under some debris. Once you’re out of the turret’s view, hold “E” key to overload turret. Continue crawling under the debris. You will see 2 small flying UAV. Hold “E” to over load them. Continue walking. You will see a large door. Sprint by holding “Shift” whilst moving to charge through the door.


You will run directly into 2 guards, they fall and you land on them, killing both. One will be still alive – the choice is yours. Pick up the “APP3 Pistol” laying on the ground near the guard you landed on top of. Approach the metal gate and break the lock. Enter next area, walk past the homeless guy and enter the large room. There’s stuff on the table you can collect. Continue walking and enter the big Toy Warehouse. You will need to reroute power. You will see the cables highlighted white and flashing in front of you. Make your way to the orange ladder and climb it. Then proceed up those stairs, crouch before you enter the control room as there will be 2 armed guys waiting. Take cover and execute them when able. Collect their ammo, approach the control panel and move the lever switch to ON position to reroute power. Once power grid has been restored you need to escape from Downzone. Go back where you came from, down the orange ladder (press F to use ladder whilst standing). Two guards have already entered the warehouse, be careful. Make your way closer to the by-now open big gate. Beware of the two guards and there is another guard hiding behind the roller door gate. Approach them, take cover and shoot them when able. Walk through the gate and exit the area.


You are now outside in the city streets area. More guards will approach and start shooting at you. Clear the area and take the better guns dropped by guards, to replace the pistol. Enter the next room (yellow Eviction Notice posters on the wall next to it). Then walk past the homeless guy and turn right immediately and walk down the stairs in front of you. The door to the next room opens automatically. Enter next room with caution and kill the guards. Start walking up the stairs and take care of the remaining guards who will soon start shooting, but be careful not to accidentally kill any civilians! You will find a room where you can sprint and run through the wall to break it. You will land on a roof and you need to press “F” tp break the roof. You drop down into the next room where you will be greeted by Lily Drawl, a Lead Biotech Engineer. Sit on the chair so she can get your stats. Once done, enter the elevator to exit.


Chapter 2: Assault on Aspari

Los Angeles, 2069

Business is war. Our mission: extract the data chip from the Aspari syndicate asset.


Exit the Dropship and enter the West Meld Solutions building. Override the Customer Relations door lock. Two corrupt guards are beating some guy during investigation. Overload the chip of one of them to cause them to kill each other. Walk through the broken glass window and exit the room. Walk up the stairs and transfer data from the two computers you encounter. Proceed down the stairs and enter the Cryogenics Labs. Execute the guards who approach you. Make your way through the lab and execute remaining guards. Enter Cryogenics Lab 02. You will see Gary Chang in the Neural Data Processing room. The main entrance is locked so you will need to use the Security Hatch to the right of the door. Open it and enter the storage room. Walk forward and climb the ladder ahead of you. Turn right and jump across those stacked boxes, making your way to the other side. Crouch and enter the ventilation hatch. Follow it and break the metal grille hatch you are standing on to drop into the room below. Enter the Neural Data Processing room and extract the chip from Gary Chang. You can also transfer some data from the computer to the left before you exit the area. Now you can perform Upgrades to Kilo’s abilities. Select what you like and purchase it.


Now it’s time to exit the area and make your way back to the Dropship. Kill all guards as you walk back through the lab again. Beware of the turret on the ceiling. Override the turret and it will be on your side and shoot the guards for you. Exit the lab and enter the weapon research 02 room. Enter Ballistics Testing room, take the special gun and load it with plenty of ammo. As you walk towards the next door, it will become locked down. Aim above the door and press “E” to overload cryo pressure, which will cause the glass window to the left to freeze. Now shoot the window to break it. Once done, use the right mouse button to Lock the target on the door in the next room and shoot through the hole in the window. The bullets will make its way through and curve down breaking the lock. Now you can shoot the other lock on the door in front of you. Walk through the room and enter next area. Guards will approach you. Take care of them and go through the Emergency Exit door. Go through next emergency exit door. From there you will see your Dropship is being fired upon. Kill the guards shooting at it. A UAV will appear and begin shooting at you. Overload it first and then shoot it. Kill the rest of guards and destroy remaining UAVs. Go through the security checkpoint and walk towards the Dropship. The drop ship becomes destroyed and you’re hanging down holding on to some debris. Climb back up onto the platform. Walk towards the damaged elevator ahead of you and slide down.


Chapter 3: Aspari Extraction

Los Angeles, 2069

The mission is set back when our extraction ship goes down in flames. Trapped in the Aspari territory, we must secure alternate means of transportation.


You need to make your way towards the aspari commercial district. Sprint and jump over to the next platform. Override the elevator two times to make it come to level. Jump on the pipes, walk through elevator and open the security hatch on the floor. Guards will appear, kill them. Find the next security hatch and break it. Kill the guards, override left elevator, then right elevator (to get it out of the way so you can jump over next area). Enter next security hatch, sprint and jump over the gap. Drop into the room below, exit it and kill the guard. Overload and shoot the turrets and take care of the rest of guards. Overload the elevator on the side you exited the previous room. Drop down onto next elevator and override the other elevator so you can walk through it. Go towards the green exit door, enter it and crouch under the gas coming out of the broken pipe. Exit the area and kill the bouncer of the Bamboo Night Club. Enjoy the cool futuristic techno music and enter the next area.


The night club. Walk straight then turn right and enter the glass door elevator. The glass doors will open automatically when you’re close to them. Take the elevator to the level below and get ready to shoot the guards, beware of grenades. Clear the area and walk through the exit door where more guards came out of. Walk up the stairs and go through the other exit door. Beware of many guards and snipers in the next room. Walk down the escalator to the level below and exit the area towards the security checkpoint.


Chapter 4: A Train to catch

Los Angeles, 2069


Merit is waiting for me at the train station. I need to hurry, as Aspari are starting to recover from the initial shock and getting organized in their response.


Open the security room door and take care of the two guards. Enter the safety deposit boxes room and take the stairs down towards the train station. Walk through next area, beware of snipers. Go through the main transit hall entrance doors to enter the train station. Prepare for some heavy shooting. Defend yourself against the guards and stay alive until the train arrives. Next you need to eliminate the powerful Aspari Agent and locate Merit. To find him you need to press “open” on the train doors, where he will come out of. To defeat him it will take some shoot, run, hide. Keep shooting him until you see the notification appear above him “Oveload”. Overload him and extract his chip. Stock up on some more ammo and enter the train. Merit will kill the people on the train and you’ll feel like killing him, but you’re not able to, unfortunately. Not just yet! Enter the control room and override control system to get the train moving.


Chapter 5: Escape from Los Angeles

Los Angeles, 2069

A high speed train takes us away from Aspari-controlled Los Angeles.


The train is breached so you will need to eliminate Aspari counter forces. Exit the control room and start walking towards the rear of the train. Walk through all the doors and kill the guards along the way. Override the turret in the second carriage with guards in it and let it sort them out. Go to the next carriage, equip the Minigun and wait for the guards to torch-cut through the door. Prepare to defend yourself. Exit the train and kill all guards. Walk up the red stairs and enter the control room. Deactivate the external controls with the lever to the right. Clear the newly-arrived guards and return to the train. Enter the train, turn right and press the “Activate” button on the wall. You will now be elevated to the train’s roof. Beware of grenades and clear all enemies. Activate the external vents on the train’s roof to help provide some additional cover.


Short circuit all the fuel cells whilst shooting at the flying crafts you encounter. Next you will need to eliminate the incoming Aspari Gunship. Reroute the turret controls of the gunship and defuse the bombs dropped your way, whilst shooting at the ship. Beware of the small flying craft shooting at you, short circuit their fuel cells and shoot them down. Quickly defuse all bombs which drop near-by and destroy the gunship.


Chapter 6: EuroCorp

New York, 2069

Back at headquarters, I meet with EuroCorp CEO Jack Denham. He expresses concerns about a high ranking asset.


Exit the elevator and enter the Agent Operations R&D Department. Walk with Jack Denham and follow him to the Operation Room. Open the door and enter. Approach Agent Merit and hold him still. Enter next room, walk to Jack and take the elevator with him.


Chapter 7: Voyeur Central

New York, 2069

Uptown, New York. We are to survey the disquieting asset.


Exit the dropship and jump on the roof below. Walk through the door and enter the building. Go through next door and enter the parking garage. Go to the control panel and override the gate locks. Follow the blue marker to find Merit. Use the binoculars and activate Surveillance. Some enemies will break in and abduct Lily. Take the zip line to the next building. Take and equip the guns from the guards you just killed. Exit the apartment and kill the upcoming guards. A more powerful guard will exit an elevator. First crystalize his armor and shoot him down. Go up the stairs to the next area. After the explosion navigate around the flames and charge through the weakened wall. Go down the stairs of the next apartment and exit it. Go through the next areas to find your way out.


Chapter 8: Cayman Global

New York, 2069

Lily is seized by the Cayman Global syndicate. I must retrieve her at all cost.


Walk forward and enter the Pacific West Atrium. You will be confronted by many enemies. Find some cover and defend yourself. Beware of grenades thrown your way. They can be defused and thrown back at the enemy. Do not stay too long in one place at a time. Once done pick up all the ammo and enter the restrooms to continue. Navigate through the next areas and eliminate the guards you encounter. Beware of snipers in the maintenance room. Exit maintenance room and walk up the stairs, killing the guard with sniper. Quickly press “E” to override the elevator which takes care of the guards in it. Climb up the other stairs and walk through the staff only door. Proceed and enter the Pacific West Information room. Enter the art center area and execute all guards. A guard with a powerful gun will exit the area and start shooting at you immediately.


Deactivate his armor first before you attempt to bring him down. His armor will not stay deactivated for long so you will need to continue deactivating it whilst shooting at him. If you’re out of ammo then sprint and pick up more ammo from the guards previously killed. After he’s down take his Minigun and approach the elevator. Press “E” to overload cryo pressure. When the elevator entrance glass is frozen, shoot it with the minigun. Enter the elevator and press the switch to use it. When the door opens you will be approached by more enemies. Beware of grenades and kill them. Enjoy the Minugun and take care of business. Walk down the stairs and clear the area below. Once done exit to VIP Lounge Parking area. A dropship will approach you, hold on to it and get to the floating city.


Chapter 9: The Floating City

La Ballena, 2069

Holding on to the dropship, I arrive at Cayman Global’s base, the floating city of La Ballena.


Enjoy the view and wait for the dropship to hover close to the base. Overload the blast shield to the right if the building. Press “D” to leave the dropship and jump through the window. Approach the flight controller, extract his chip and override air control. Next objective is to reach the low security landing platform. Exit the air control room, wait for the eye scanner to grant you access and walk through the door. Enter the visitor center. Override the Hologram if you want and then take the door to the left. Walk up the stairs and enter the elevator. Override elevator to use it. Elevator will soon go into security lockdown. Quickly break the cover of the electrical box to negate security lockdown countermeasures.


Chapter 10: Behind the Scenes

La Ballena, 2069

Silent infiltration failed. Lily has been rerouted to a high security landing platform. Time is running out, as Cayman Global prepares for war.


Exit the elevator and execute the two guards. You have no guns so it needs to be done by hand. Pick up the pistol they drop and pick up the Kusanagi gun from the gun rack on the window. Go through the unlocked glass door towards the military zone and kill all enemies. One door is locked, another one is open (near the guards you executed). There’s no time to enjoy the nice view as guards will quickly start shooting at you. Beware of the guard in the below the stairs area, the stairs you just walked down. Once done you will encounter a powerful guard. Quickly walk back to the gun rack to get more ammo if needed. Continuously keep deactivating his shield whilst shooting at him, be careful. When he’s down pick up his Swarm Missile Launcher. From distance press the right mouse button to lock onto the dark-colored locked door and shoot at it to destroy security locks. Enter the next area. Turn right and walk through the Drone Maintenance Room door. Enter maintenance room, walk up the stairs and go to the UAV Launch Area.


As you walk through that door, to your right is an ammunition rack, pick up more rockets. Flying turrets will soon start shooting at you, overload and shoot them… easier said than done. Sprint forward and get some cover under the yellow stairs. There is another ammo rack nearby to reload rockets. When you’re done collect all the ammo you can find. Beware of grenades thrown from above. Go up the yellow stairs, more flying turrets will arise and start shooting at you. Sprint through the area and make your way to the upper stages to escape from the turrets. Run into the UAV control room and eliminate the armed flight controller. Go to the next area, walk down the stairs, reload ammo from the gun rack to the left and exit towards the runways. Clear the guards in the hangars area. Go through the Hangar maintenance door and open hangar doors. Stay in this room, get some cover and defend against the enemies. Proceed towards the next hangar maintenance room, the door will open automatically and a guard will start shooting. Kill him and enter maintenance room. Open the next hangar doors and prepare to fight like you did before. More guards will come, take care of them.


Enter “hangar maintenance 03”, there’s a cool looking drone in there. After you’ve finished looking at it, go open the hangar doors. Walk in and open the next hangar doors. More guards will start shooting at you, take care of them. Once done, remove the platform fuel line floor plating, which is on the floor in the area you are in now. Don’t get stuck here like I did the first time I played Syndicate! Break the floor plating and drop below into the ventilation system. Overload and destroy the flying turret you encounter. Drop down into the area below to exit the ventilation system. Lily will exit from the dropship escorted by the guards. Overload the landing platform to move it closer to you. Jump on it and walk across. Override the door lock of the yellow door in front of you. More guards will approach you. Execute them and enter the elevator.


Chapter 11: Ramon

La Ballena, 2069

I reach Ramon. Lily is nowhere to be seen. No matter, the agent will suffer for his attack on our property.


Exit the elevator and kill the guards to the left. Turn left through the door near the guards you just took care of and go down the stairs. Reach the lower floor and open the service hatch door. Go through it, turn left and proceed down the corridor. Break the hatch on the floor and drop down into the maintenance bay. Follow the way to the big door, it will open and a powerful enemy will attack you. Redirect all the missiles he throws your way and take cover behind the blast shields. Use the Dart Overlay Mode by pressing the “Q” button to activate. It may take you some time to get through this, but don’t give up. He will throw some devices on the ground which will block your ability to redirect the missiles his way, jamming your ability.


Those devices need to be destroyed before you can continue redirecting missiles. Approach them and press “F” to break it. You could also restart this chapter and use your unspent points on some suitable upgrades such as those that increase health and reduce damage taken. The “Tab” button opens the upgrades menu whilst in the game. Eventually the redirected missiles will break some of the platforms he stands on. Overload the generator on one of the small platforms he jumps on when you see the prompt on screen. He will get an electric shock and fall down on the floor. As you approach him he starts fighting again. Lily then appears from behind him and shoots him. Extract his chip and follow Lily into the dropship to escape the floating city.


Chapter 12: Downzone

New York, 2069

We make it to New York, but have to detour via Downzone. Everything is not as it seems.


Leave the dropship and help Lily reach the ladder. Walk through the door she just opened. Go to the next area and break the hatch on the floor and drop through it. Find your way to the next hatch, open it and walk through it. Climb the yellow ladder. Enter next area and activate the Power ON switch, in the shed to the left. Activate it, proceed to the gate and break the padlock. Approach the cranestation and activate the switch. Jump onto the shelf next to you and jump on the platform above. Sprint across and jump to the other side. Go to the next cranestation and activate switch.


Get on platform, sprint and jump to other side. Enter the building and make your way up the stairs. Follow the way and enter the other side of the building. Go down the stairs and break the padlock on the next door. Proceed through the area and open the next door. Walk through it and get out to the city area. Follow Lily’s signal marked by blue marker and enter Rich Jayden’s Buy & Trade building. Walk through it and go up the stairs. Open the next door and walk through it. The platform below will collapse to explosion. It seems this can’t be avoided.


Chapter 13: Betrayed

New York, 2069

We have been betrayed. I need to capture Lily and return to headquarters. The Resistance vermin opposing me will bleed.


Kilo is severely injured. Press “F” to stand up. Kilo will start recovering and some enemies will approach you. Kill one of them and take his gun. Clear the area of all hostiles and open the door near the stairs. Open next door and overload the pressure valve. Clear the area of all enemies and take the elevator. When the elevator gets stuck, open the hatch on the roof and climb out. Jump over onto the aluminium ventilation duct and climb it. Take care of the 2 guards and climb the ladder. Take the guard’s rifles and break the padlock on the next door. Sprint across the gap and enter the ventilation system where the big fan is. Sprint to charge through the debris you encounter.


Clear the area of hostiles, locate the Power ON switch and activate it. Do the same for the other power switch. Jump to the area below and activate the third power switch to bring down the elevator. Crouch down and wait it to arrive. Open the hatch and enter the elevator. Take the elevator up to higher levels, exit it and clear the area. Enter the control room and activate the power switch. Clear the next enemies who emerge. Follow the highlighted cables leading from the control room to the other elevator and activate the elevator. Go in the elevator and take it up to a higher level. Crouch and exit elevator. Open the hatch above you and get out. You will be swarmed by enemies, kill them. Enter the next elevator to get out.


Chapter 14: The Wall

New York, 2069

I track Lily to the Wall, a leftover EuroCorp relic from the Riots. Now controlled by the Resistance, I have to break through their defenses in search of my prey.


Open the elevator door and exit the elevator. Drop down to the area below and go to the control room. Extract the chip from the Aspari asset and power on the generator. Reboot the system at the control panel nearby and exit the control room. Drop to the area below and walk through the door. Go down the stairs and walk through the door. You get attacked and he runs away. Detonate all the EMP Mines on the floor ahead of you. Be careful as the mines will only stay deactivated for a limited time. Exit through the door and enter the next area. Clear the area of hostiles and walk through the open gate. Beware of grenades and proceed to the next section.


Some hostiles are almost invisible which makes it difficult to spot them. Stay in cover and kill them one at a time. You can take some EMP Grenades from the box on the floor to aid you. Open the next door and jump to the lower area. Beware of the enemy with the flamethrower type gun, LTB-P Thermite Gun. Pick it up and use it if you want. Clear the enemies in the corridor and switch back to a rifle. Turn left through the door and clear the next section. Go right through the door near the parked blue van. Go down the corridors and take the door to your right. Beware of missiles, snipers, invisible warriors and clear the area. Once done, go through the open door and open the hatch ahead of you. Go through and climb the stairs. Drop down and exit the stage.


Chapter 15: Kris

New York, 2069

The leader of the Resistance stands between me and my quarry. Having reached their sanctum, he is only one more obstacle to deal with.


Equip the silencer (optional) to your Katsunagi Rifle and shoot the guard through the grille hatch ahead of you. Stay there and wait for more guards to come, take care of them and open the hatch to exit. Beware of the large turret. Remain crouched, activate the conveyor belt and use it as a shield. Repeat the process three times to incrementally move the conveyor belt whilst hiding behind the box rolling on it. Walk up the stairs through the control room and stop before the next door and stairs. Kill the guards you encounter. Quickly run down the stairs and use the next conveyor belt as a shield, like you did before. Run into the next control room and deactivate the turret. You are now able to hack the turret and it will start shooting the enemies, enjoy it. When all clear, make your way out of the control room and go up the stairs. Open the next door and go to the office. Use the computer to override the system and exit through the door. Take a quick look at the computers and hardware in the nearby room and proceed following the blue marker and take the elevator. Open the elevator door to get out.


The next enemy is powerful. You can find EMP Grenades, guns and ammo on shelves. Use it to your advantage. Detonate the EMP mines when the enemy is near them and shoot him. When he encounters you make his gun backfire and he will run away. Focus on diffusing grenades he throws at you and battle it out until he is down. Do not approach him when he’s down because he will explode and take you out with him. Find a good spot where you can stay and have your finger ready on the “diffuse grenade” button, whilst aiming and shooting. When he’s down on his knees, keep your distance and shoot him few more times until he explodes. Now approach his remains and extract his chip. Take the elevator to another level and climb the ladder you encounter. Lily will kick you down. Hold “F” button to attempt to disarm her.


Chapter 16: Human Resources

New York, 2069

Memories: artificial as the implants they stole from me. I must get up. I must make them pay.


In the beginning of this chapter you will see what happened to Kilo. They killed his parents and abducted him when he was a child. When you wake up, press “F” repeatedly to break free from the chair. Walk towards Merit and Lily and activate the security camera view. Cycle through cameras and watch the conversation. Walk towards Lily and open the glass door at the panel nearby. Press “F” to release her. Listen to what she has to say and follow her onto the “leonardodevice” platform. Climb up onto the device and wait for the machine to restore your health. Leave the Vitruvian Device and follow Lily.


Chapter 17: Corporate War

New York, 2069

War between syndicates. As Cayman Global launches a full-scale attack on the Spire, I go after Denham. If the cores melt, I die.


Exit the elevator and pick up some guns. Walk up the stairs and kill the hostiles. Beware of guard with strong armor, deactivate it frequently and keep shooting. When done, walk into the next area through the door which looks like an elevator, but it isn’t. Pick up the Coil Laser Rifle the guard with the powerful armor just dropped. Get to the next area, take care of the guards and overload and destroy those invisible flying crafts shooting at you. Beware of guards with shields coming out of the two elevators. Enter the security checkpoint room and activate the lock control. The room will soon lock down. Quickly disable the two turrets which come out of the ceiling and destroy the two flying crafts which soon follow the turrets. There is a hatch on the side of the wall nearby in the room you are in. Open it and go through it. Jump down onto the round ventilation ducts and make your way to the lower area. Walk through the unlocked door and follow the blue marker towards the roof spire access. Go in and move the lever on the wall to open the next door.


Chapter 18: Spire Access

New York, 2069

EuroCorp is breaking apart. Determined, I move through the destruction, making my way to the Spire.


When the door opens exit the room you are in and proceed up the stairs. When you come to where there’s fire and you can’t walk any further, look to the left and you will see the switch from the distance “initiate power reroute”. The following needs to be done in a sequence: 1. Activate the “initiate power reroute” switch. 2. Look to the right and activate “reroute power low” switch. 3. Reroute power high switch. 4. Reroute power low switch and then activate the electronics where the highlighted cables go into, press activate. Now enter the small elevator which has opened. Press the switch to take the elevator up. Leave the elevator and walk through the open door ahead of you. Turn right past the scientist and go up the stairs. Look to the right, locate the switch and hold “E” to activate power. Jump up onto the platform. Now activate the two remaining switches to open the emergency vents. You can’t jump onto the vent flaps, you need to walk across them. You will see the vents open up above you. There are two sets of vents on left side and right side of the room.


You can only walk across them on one side of the room first. Then activate the emergency vent switches again to walk across over the opposite side. Crouch down and walk into the ventilation system. You will see a metal grille on the floor of the ventilation duct, break it and drop down into the room below. Immediately activate the switch on the floor to raise the servers, to provide cover. Many guards will emerge. Defend yourself and don’t accidentally shoot civilians. Three more guards will emerge, one of them is powerful. Shoot at them and take cover behind the servers. They will lower the servers again, so you will need to raise them again to take cover behind them. Approach the powerful guard when he’s on his knees and extract his chip to kill him. Approach the control panel in the middle of the room and override the exit door. Walk through it, then through another door and get to the next area. When in the next room, look up you will see some electrical boxes hanging down.


Walk up the stairs and prepare to activate the “overload power” when enemies come near it, so it electrocutes them. Repeat when needed. Deactivate the armor of some of the powerful guards and shoot them. When you finish exit through the open door and walk up the stairs. When you reach the end, climb up the yellow ladder. Walk through the door and enter the next area. Overload the flying crafts, shoot them down and shoot the rest of the enemies. Extend the bridge and walk across to the other side. Open the service hatch located on the floor ahead and jump down.


Chapter 19: Burning Tower

New York. 2069

EuroCorp and Cayman Global are in my way. The war rages through the building, but the biggest threat comes from within myself. I must reach Denham in time.


Exit the service hatch and jump down below. Walk all the way up the nearby stairs and go through the exit door. There is a turret on the ceiling to the right, override it. Use the control panel on the wall near the door you just walked out of to open the gate. Enter next area and go through the maintenance door. Make your way to the control room and jump down through the open hatch on the floor. In the area below lift open the square metal door on the wall to open it and get to the next area. Take cover, defend yourself. Stay on the platform you are on. Override the turret ahead of you to assist you and kill all the guards. Beware of grenades thrown your way. The turrets will only assist you for a limited time. Crystallize the armor of the powerful guards who come out of the dropships and shoot them. Deactivate the armor of the other powerful guards and execute them. Overload the hostile flying crafts and shoot them down. Shoot the guards with the shields by aiming at the exposed parts of their bodies. Use some grenades to your advantage to help you. Maybe this will take you a few tries.


Make sure to perform some chip upgrades such as those for increased health and others. When you clear the area of all hostiles, follow the blue marker and take the elevator. Shoot the guards when the elevator stops and the doors open. Proceed to the next area and take care of the other guards. Take down the guards with shields. Take the ammo the guards dropped and go up the stairs. Turn right, go through next door and walk up the stairs. Override system to open the security-locked door. Enter the room and activate the control panel’s switch to open the security doors below. Jump through the broken window and go up the escalator ahead of you. Kill all guards and then override the control link of the flying turret. It will follow and assist you. Walk through the hole in the damaged security door. Take down the snipers above you and shoot the rest of the guards. Keep an eye on the platform above as more snipers will emerge. It is of highest priority to take them down immediately.


A powerful guard with strong armor will emerge from above to the left. Deactivate his armor and shoot him. Collect all the ammo you can find and walk up the stairs. Walk across the platform to the other side and kill all hostiles. Keep your guns loaded and ammo stocked up. Proceed and walk up the next stairs. Get cover and defend yourself against the emerging guards UAVs. Bring down the UAVs. Approach the powerful guard, deactivate his armor and shoot him. Walk closer to the vault and you will see vault lock control switches on each side of the vault. Activate both switches very quickly one after another and the vault will open. You can try using Dart Overlay mode to slow down time and help you accomplishing this task. Walk into the vault to proceed.


Chapter 20: Jack Denham

New York, 2069

Denham has retreated to the top of the Spire. There is only one obstacle to clear before he is mine. You’re in my way.


Proceed down all the corridors. Merit and two other agents will appear. You can raise cover from the floor temporarily and use dart overlay mode to assist you. Continuously keep deactivating the agent’s protective shields and shoot them. Don’t waste your ammo by shooting at them before their shields are deactivated. Use dart overlay mode, deactivate agent’s shield, and shoot him. When one of the agents you shot drops on his knees, approach him and see if it will prompt you to press mouse button to execute him. If it does not, then shoot him down again and approach him to see if it will now let you execute him. Press mouse button 3 (mouse scroll wheel) to execute. Repeat the process for both the agents. When you kill both agents, Merit will jump down from the platform and say to you: You’re just a pile of meat with a crappy chip.


Now it’s time to kill Merit. Keep deactivating his shield and shooting at him. Approach him when he drops down and press mouse button 3 to execute him when prompted. You will then engage into a fist fight with Merit. Prepare to repeatedly press the “F” button to kill him. Exit the room when done and walk into the elevator (the platform Merit was previously standing on, when you were taking care of the two agents below). Exit the elevator when it stops and walk straight ahead across the bridge towards Jack Denham’s office. Denham will initiate a remote shutdown sequence onto you. This will hurt. Enter the area where Denham is at. Prepare to start pressing “F” button shortly. After he’s done talking you will be prompted to repeatedly press “F”. Then Kilo will get up, walk to Denham and Denham will drop through the hole on the floor behind him.


Lily will approach you from behind and give you back your gun and say: I wonder what you’ll do now that you don’t have any orders. Now, all you need to do is turn up the volume and enjoy the bass from the song which starts playing… and enjoy!


Congratulations. You’ve completed Syndicate.


Author: S.K.

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