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Syndicate is without a doubt one of the best futuristic Sci-Fi first-person shooter video games to be released for PC in the past decade. It has a great storyline and it’s action-packed from start to finish. The action never ends and you don’t find yourself thinking “this is getting boring”. There’s really not much to dislike about Syndicate, except maybe for some of the game’s chapters being of high difficulty. Graphics and sound are excellent and the controls are perfect. There’s not much else left to be desired for. It is a true chart-topper in its genre.


The game’s story would make a great blockbuster movie if it was ever to be made. Whilst I was writing the Syndicate PC walkthrough, it crossed my mind on several occasions that this game should really be turned into a Sci-Fi movie one day. If you are an enthusiast of the sci-fi PC shooters genre, this game will not disappoint. It’s a game which looks great and plays great. It also has high replay value due to the continuous action from chapter to chapter, so you can play it again at any time and still enjoy it.








Syndicate Game Screenshots:

Syndicate Screenshot Best PC Games 2012 SuperComTech        Syndicate Screenshot 2 Best PC Games 2012 SuperComTech        Syndicate Screenshot 3 Best PC Games 2012 SuperComTech        Syndicate Screenshot 4 Best PC Games 2012 SuperComTech


Syndicate gameplay video:

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