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Shadow Warrior 2

When Flying Wild Hog rebooted Shadow Warrior back in 2013 it is fair to say that many gamers really did not expect much. But the majority of us were very pleasantly surprised as the game proved to be a fun first-person shooter that had a very old school feel to it. The game was fun, but some criticized its linear approach and potty humor, but now with the sequel, Flying Wild Hog are taking many of the criticisms on board and have done a great job in making this one of the years most underrated shooters!


What Is The Story?

While at first glance Shadow Warrior 2 just looks like an all out, kill anything that moves action game. It does have a story and the story is pretty damn entertaining in parts. It follows on from the events of the first game and is set five years later. You play the role of Lo Wang, the same character from the first game. You need to save a young girl called Kamiko from this evil corporation who just so happen to have a whole bunch of demons at their disposal. It sounds like it is a super serious action kind of story, but it is far from it.


This is all about getting cheap laughs as there is a number of dick jokes, plus You actually end up with the soul of Kamiko in your body so you can hear her in your head and she gets pretty tired of all your dumb humor. To be honest with you there are some laughs here, but after a while, it does seem like they are trying way too hard with the forced humor, but there are some great one-liners.


Balls To The Wall Action

Shadow Warrior 2 does what you want a first-person shooter to do. It has excellent controls and you will find that running around each area, blasting away monsters that come your way is a very, very satisfying experience. The guns that you have are all awesome, but one of the things people will really love about Shadow Warrior 2 is the blade weapons which really do make you feel like a badass. We really cannot think of anything bad to say about the controls at all. Flying Wild Hog already had a solid foundation as the original Shadow Warrior was good. This game just takes what made that fun to play and makes things a little tighter and expands on them.


Shadow Warrior 2 is a very fast paced game with smaller and larger enemies more often than not coming straight for you! It is very exciting and thankfully, you have a good number of moves to get around them. You can double jump and dash, dashing, in particular, is really useful as it can help you unleash some epic combos that make you feel unstoppable. You could play the game just using a blade most of the time and actually do fine, but in doing so you are robbing yourself of a lot of fun. Mixing things up in combat is where a large part of the fun is. Going from slashing a few weaker enemies with your blade, to getting the shotgun and blowing away some big ugly demon, before using the chainsaw to take down something else is very satisfying and fun.


There Is A Lot To Tinker With Here

The UI in Shadow Warrior 2 can seem very overwhelming the first time you fire the game up. The game is centered around a main story which is quite linear, but there are a number of side quests in each section of the game that you can do. The point is that you will kill enemies, get loot, skill points and so on and then you can tinker with your character and loadout. The game uses a skill tree and it is pretty big. We feel that this process of equipping new weapons and upgrading your character could have been streamlined a bit. Still, after a few times of use, you get the hang of it, but we feel that this could have been made a lot easier.


Keep All Your Loot And Weapons

Shadow Warrior 2 is a game that once you have beaten lets you play a new game with all your upgrades and weapons. This is a feature we always like to see, but this is especially true for Shadow Warrior 2. You see this is a fun game, but the difficulty is very uneven. On the easy mode, the game is, well easy, but not in a good getting used to the game kind of way. It is far too easy! But the hard difficulty is just crushing, but you can take on the regular difficulty, get a load of sweet weapons and then tackle the game again with them. There is a lot of hidden areas and side quests in Shadow Warrior 2 so we are sure this is a game you will play through again and again. There is a co-op multiplayer mode in the game so if you have a buddy who is into this kind of thing then you will have a lot of fun killing monsters together.


Just When You Are Getting Into It……… It Ends!

Look we know the story of Shadow Warrior 2 is dumb, but we liked it. It is nice to be able to turn your brain off every once and awhile and just have fun. The problem is the game has one of the most abrupt endings we have seen in quite some time. No spoilers here, but, you are having a lot of fun, you are in a pretty epic boss battle and then the game just ends. It is kind of frustrating, to be honest, as this is the kind of game where the more you play. The more you enjoy it, even with its quirks. There is the new game plus mode and potential missed side quests to do in your next play through, but we feel they could have done a more satisfying ending to the game.


Shadow Warrior 2 PC Gameplay Video


Shadow Warrior 2 Final Thoughts

Shadow Warrior 2 is a lot of fun in a day and age where most first-person shooter/action games are all super serious this comes as a breath of fresh air. The story is something you will either find hilarious or just dumb. But no matter what, you will fall in love with how much fun this game is to play. It really is a very exciting game and one that is well worth trying out, especially if you are bored of things like Call Of Duty and Battlefield. The game does abruptly end, but we think the reason this is so bothersome is because the game is so much fun, you do not want it to end.

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