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Rivais Em Batalha

Rivais Em Batalha is a sci-fi multiplayer third-person shooter game. The interesting thing about this game is you play as an animal warrior! Set in a fun sci-fi environment where you have access to cool weapons and can play as different characters. Experience the thrill of being an animal alien.


You are in command of your animal alien race. Unite with your teammates fight against the rivals. The rivals reside in a nearby galaxy to Earth, orbiting the planet called Bohlla. Their planet is inhabitable due to the toxic gasses in the atmosphere, and the absence of water on its surface. Though their planet has several habitable moons with thriving life.


The moons have an earth-like surface, with an atmosphere and vegetation. These conditions enable the presence of life. One of the moons called MiG is occupied by two rival warrior races. The races are divided into two clans: the clan of the Foxes and the clan of Galliformes. The problem is that Foxes and Galliformes do not get along at all.


The latest cause of conflict between the two occurred when one of them decided to take the political and military control of the whole moon. It is unknown who started the offensive move as the Foxes Galliforms continue to accuse each other. As warriors are beings who love and learn the art and the culture of war from childhood. It is difficult for them to spend prolonged periods of time in peace with the fellow citizen race.

Rivais Em Batalha Gameplay Video


Rivais Em Batalha Final Thoughts

This is a very fun and interesting multiplayer third-person shooter game and a good start to the year 2017. As this is one of the first games to be released this year. For all looking for some new team play multiplayer shooter action with a twist. We recommend you check out Rivais Em Batalha.


Genre: Sci-fi multiplayer third-person shooter.

Developer: Art Games

Release date: January 1, 2017

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