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Rise of the Tomb Raider PC Game Review


rise of the tomb raider pc game review

Rise of the Tomb Raider

The reboot of Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix was nothing short of amazing. The sequel which was released on PC early in 2016, Rise Of The Tomb Raider was even better received.


Now under a year later and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider the game has been repacked with some extras and called Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration. The reason for this is that Microsoft had a timed exclusive on Rise Of The Tomb Raider and that time is up. Rather than just release the same game on PS4 and PC once again, Square Enix made this version with some really cool extra content.


Go All In Or Just Get The Pack

Now before you start shouting what a rip off this is. We must tell you that while you can buy a full new version of Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration on Steam or on an actual physical disc. If you already own Rise Of The Tomb Raider then you can buy the additional content in the form of the Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration Pack which can be purchased on Steam for a very reasonable price. Also if you have the season pass for Rise Of The Tomb Raider, you are already covered so do not worry about it and just enjoy the extra content you are getting.


Lara Is Just An Incredible Character

The story in Rise Of The Tomb Raider is fantastic. It is set after the events of the first game where Lara is trying to get her head round the supernatural events that took place. She looks to her father’s journal and finds out about a place called, Kitezh which may hold the secret to immortality. Her stepmother warns her off, but Lara goes anyway and uncovers a huge conspiracy that will reveal the truth about what happened to her father, who her step mother really is and what the city of Kitezh really is all about.


The story is just so well written and Lara is an incredible character that you actually grow to care about. When she is upset, you are upset. When she is angry, you are angry and when she is ready to go in a room all guns blazing, you are too! The writing is great, but it is the voice acting that really brings these characters to life. This is the kind of game you can play through multiple times and not get bored with the story. It has some great twists and turns and by the end of it all, you and Lara have been on one incredible journey. Lara Croft has certainly come a long way from her sex symbol days on the original PlayStation, PC, and Saturn! She is now one of the most well-rounded female characters in gaming, a real role model for female gamers that they can get behind. Plus she is such a badass, guys will love to play as her as well.


Lara Croft has certainly come a long way from her sex symbol days on the original PlayStation, PC, and Saturn! She is now one of the most well-rounded female characters in gaming, a real role model for female gamers that they can get behind. Plus she is such a badass, guys will love to play as her as well.


You connect so much with Lara that the times when you fail and she dies. It makes it very tough to watch. This is because Rise Of The Tomb Raider has some very brutal death scenes which make you when you mess up, really want to get it right next time so you do not have to see it again….. as cool as it may be.


You Feel Like A Warrior

The first Tomb Raider game saw Lara change and by the end of the game, you felt like a real survivor. But in Rise Of The Tomb Raider she is a little bit harder, less trusting and in general a stronger woman. She is also more willing to pull the trigger before asking questions. The game is a third-person action game and the controls are very tight. You can run around killing anything that gets in your way. Or you can use the environments to your advantage and be more stealthy. This is a lot more fun. You can hide in trees, in tall grass, under structures and just stalk the bad guys and take them out before they even know what happened. The best way to do this is with the bow and arrow. The other weapons are fun and are all upgradable, but the bow and arrow really does make you feel like a warrior.


The upgrade system is similar to the first game. You will need to find salvage to make different parts for weapons. You will have to decide if you want to focus on the more powerful and in your face weapons like the shotgun or if you are more a stealth, bow and arrow kind of player. As well as salvage, you will get points that you can use to upgrade Lara herself. These make her stronger, faster and able to do more things. You may have to play the game a few times to fully upgrade her, but it is well worth it.


As this is called Tomb Raider there are many secret areas and tombs that you can find while you are on your journey. This again adds replay value to the game as the first time through, you may get sucked into the story and just want to head to the next story point and miss a ton of the secret areas out. The game does a good job in telling you when there is a tomb nearby and when you find one there is usually some pretty cool treasure in there for you to find.


So What Is New In The 20 Year Celebration Pack?

This, of course, is the million dollar question and actually you get some really cool stuff in here. Blood Ties is a new story mode and adds a whole new chapter to this Tomb Raider reboot. You have over an hour extra gameplay here and the story is actually very interesting and for fans of this new Tomb Raider universe answers some questions that you may have had.


Lara’s Nightmare is a lot of fun as it sees the undead overrun, Croft Manor! These dumb zombies did not realize what a badass Lara is and you will have a great time putting them back in the ground. This is just balls to the wall action and it has a high score system and we can see this being very competitive as there is an online leaderboard.


A new Extreme Survivor mode has been added to the main story. So if you have beaten the game and fancy yourself as a true survivor then you can take on this new brutal difficulty….. but this is not for the fainthearted. You also get some new skins. These are fun and they have even included some that make Lara look just like she did in the 90’s! But a little less jaggier of course. Still, there is something fun about seeing this character model interact with the super high detailed ones that are in the game.


Rise of the Tomb Raider PC Gameplay Video:


Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration Pack Final Thoughts

Rise Of The Tomb Raider was already an amazing game and a game that was well worth playing. The added content here more than makes the game worth revisiting and for new players, you will be even more blown away by the vast amount of content that they have included. It honestly could not be any easier to recommend this as both DLC for those who already own the original game and as a standalone release for new players.


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