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Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Return to castle Wolfenstein is one of those games once you play it, you never forget it. This is something everyone who’s played this game can agree on. It has a great story line, music is uplifting and soothing and graphics were excellent at the time of release. In uses a heavily modified Quake III Arena engine, and in fact still looks great to this day. The quality and deeply immersive gameplay is where Return to Castle Wolfenstein truly shines.


The AI is intelligent and does not leave you feeling this game is too easy, or that opponents are dumb. The opponents are badass and know how to put up a fight. It’s a great challenge even on a low difficulty setting. The game will keep you entertained and you will not get bored so easily. Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a game ahead of its time in many aspects… and a game to remember for all gamers out there.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC Walkthrough

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