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Detailed step by step PC games walkthrough guides of various PC games. Completing ┬ávideo games is a rewarding and deeply satisfying feeling we all enjoy, although often that’s easier said than done. Even the best gamers out there will have moments where they will struggle, get stuck at a certain stage of the game and have difficulty passing a certain level or chapter of the game they are playing. Sometimes we are stuck for several hours and failing repeatedly.


This, at times can lead to anger, frustration, and even leave you somewhat disappointed. Breaking controllers will not get you through the game – but PC games walkthrough guides are often just the thing you need to save you time and frustration. We don’t like failing. Failure is simply not an option. Usually it’s just a small hint that we need, and that’s what SuperComTech’s PC games walkthrough guides are here for.


Syndicate PC Walkthrough

Syndicate PC Game Best PC Games of 2012 SuperComTech



The Godfather II PC Walkthrough

The Godfather II Best PC Games 2009 SuperComTech

The Godfather II


Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC Walkthrough

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Best PC Games 2001 SuperComTEch

Return to Castle Wolfenstein


Saints Row: Gat out of Hell PC Walkthrough

Saints Row Gat out of Hell Best PC Games 2015 SuperComTech

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

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