Mafia III

We were very excited to put together this Mafia 3 review. This is one of many big blockbuster games that are coming out as we head into the holiday season. Mafia 1 and 2 were very well liked and now we are here for the third installment and have the story of, Lincoln Clay. An African American who has returned from The Vietnam War and is going to make a name for himself in the city of, New Bordeaux.


Ok, first thing let us talk about the setting of this game. New Bordeaux is just awesome and this take on New Orleans is very, very cool. It is a setting that has not been used in many if any games like this and it certainly makes the game that bit more interesting to play.  We knew we would have to talk about the city in this Mafia 3 review and the city has been very well designed and not just the city, but the people of the city as well who will react to Lincoln in very interesting ways.


The game does not shy away from how hard it was in this part of the States for an African American man in this time period. You will have to deal with racism, you will not even be allowed to enter certain places either just because of the color of your skin. It is very edgy and it does give the game a hard hitting feel to it. This is also apparent when you are committing crimes. For example, if you steal a car in one of the more upper-class and predominantly white neighborhoods. Then you can expect a whole bunch of squad cars of cops who are not scared to pull the trigger. But if you were to steal a car in a poor part of the city, the bayou for example then the cops may not even bother to show up!


We knew when we started playing Mafia 3 that when it came time to do a Mafia 3 review that we would be very excited to talk about the story. Lincoln is a great character who you are either going to love and in a way feel some empathy for or just flat out hate the guy! The story is incredibly written and the voice acting is just fantastic. We really liked the way the story was told, some parts are done in an almost documentary style which was great. So from a story and even a presentational point of view, Mafia 3 is great.


Now let us have a look at the gameplay. Any “crime” kind of game with an open world is certainly going to draw comparisons with Grand Theft Auto and that is certainly the case here. The gameplay of Mafia 3 is both good and kind of boring. Some of the big set piece missions are just incredible two of the standout ones are the one set on an old-timey riverboat and an abandoned theme park. These big set pieces are very well done and a major highlight of the game. But the lead up to these can be a bit boring. Kill those guys, destroy that, steal that and so on. The first few times you do these kinds of missions they are fun, but after a while, they do start to wear a little thin. This is a shame as most of this Mafia 3 review has been positive, but this is a long game and doing the same thing over and over again does start to become a pain. Almost to the point where you just want to rush through it to get to the next big set piece.


One of the coolest gameplay elements is how there are three lieutenants in this city. Each of these represents a crime family, mob or whatever you want to call it. Once this section of the game opens up you will be doing jobs for them. You can even decide what one of these lieutenants, a property or something else goes to. But you have to be careful as if you favor one, you may turn the others against you. You can do this so much that you have no choice to kill them! We are not sure it is actually possible to beat the game without a showdown with at least one of the lieutenants. The thing is each lieutenant will offer you different upgrades so it can be hard to decide what lieutenant you like from a story point of view and what one is actually offering you the best upgrades for your character.


The combat is fun. It does play very similar to Grand Theft Auto, but that is not a bad thing. You can go in all guns blazing if you want, but this will not get you far. You can also use stealth by making a distraction, and then sneaking up on an enemy and taking care of them more quietly. One cool thing about the combat is the cover mechanics. You can dive behind something when things get a little rough, but stay there too long and what you are hiding behind will be shot away. So even when trying to play conservatively, you have to be on your toes.


The driving is fine. Cars handle well enough and the city of New Bordeaux is cool enough that driving around is good, but there is no fast travel! Sometimes you will have to drive nearly all the way across the map just for a cut scène. One cool thing about cars in this game is how at any time you can call in a car to take your money away so you do not lose it if you die. You can also call in a mobile arms dealer which is great as it means you do not have to drive specifically somewhere to stock up on ammo.


Mafia III PC Gameplay Video:


Mafia III Review: Final Thoughts

Mafia 3 is a good game. The story is awesome,  engaging and well acted and the story is the main reason we see most people beating this game. Outside of the story, there is just not all that much interesting stuff to do. It is not horrible, but it is not exactly exciting either. You will just want to go from each story point to the next, but you are forced to do these repetitive tasks beforehand. The PC version of the game has already had a patch, but some people are still reporting a few technical issues so keep that in mind.


If you want a story driven game that has interesting characters and a very well written and acted story then Mafia 3 is well worth picking up.

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