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Equilibrium VR

Equilibrium VR is an action-adventure virtual reality game. The player takes control of an eagle and can fly over the snowy peaks of the mountains. All whilst listening to delightful, calming and relaxing music.


The game features various game modes such as exploration, searching, and racing. In the exploration mode, the goal is to pass all the main points. By passing quickly will gain higher scores.


Equilibrium VR Game Modes

In the search mode, your objective is to find 8 blue feathers within 3 minutes. You will score points for every feather you. The score will be kept if you can manage to find all the feathers within the time limit.


In the racing mode, you need to overpass your competitors and come first in the race. Collecting the green feathers you will increase your speed for a while and you score points. The points you score will not be saved in case you lose the race.


Equilibrium VR Gameplay Video


Equilibrium VR Final Thoughts

This game is one of the first VR (virtual reality) titles to be released for PC early this year in 2017. In Equilibrium VR you will experience the thrill of this virtual reality eagle flying simulation game and enjoy soaring over the snowy peaks of the mountains.


Genre: Virtual Reality game

Developer: Funny Twins

Release date: January 7, 2017 (released early on Jan. 3)

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