Enemy Front PC Game

Enemy Front

Enemy Front is a first-person shooter game based on World War II. Robert Hawkins is an American war journalist who is caught up with different Resistance groups crosswise over Europe amid the Second World War. Along the way he discovers help as a Norwegian Commando, a German SOE specialists and a femme fatale French Resistance contender, additionally his Polish partners. The diversion is played through his flashbacks and will incorporate genuine verifiable occasions, some of it highlighting Nazi barbarities submitted in Europe. It additionally visits battlefields, for example, Poland and Norway, which have remained to a great extent untouched by standard western media and particularly other World War II first-person shooters. If you enjoy playing the World War II shooters genre, then you must play this game because it is one of the best of its type. Gameplay is similar to the Medal of Honor series of games so if you liked those games then you will enjoy this game.









Enemy Front Game Screenshots:

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Enemy Front gameplay video:

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