Doom (2016)


The best part about writing this Doom review was that it gave us an excuse to go back and play some more Doom! This is one of 2016’s biggest first-person shooters and while by the end of the year it may get lost in the shuffle of the flood of first-person shooter games that will have come out, Doom is still an incredible game and a game that many people were very excited about. So keep on reading to see what we thought of this new Doom!


Hell On Mars!

As you would expect from a Doom game, Mars is the setting and what a setting it is. Mars looks incredible and honestly they have really outdone themselves with the quality of the graphics in this game. You play the role of Doom Guy…… actually, that is not right, you play a new protagonist, Doom Marine and calling him a new protagonist may be a bit of a stretch, but the game certainly has some fun with the “Doom lore” if there is such a thing. You wake up on a table, grab your gun, your suit and it is time to rock and roll. The game gives you a short tutorial but it is fun and then you are ready to unleash hell….. or send monster, demons and all other kinds of things back to hell!


Doom Is Back

This is the first Doom game in quite some time. Doom 3 was a very good game. They tried so hard to come up with an interesting story that would grab players and to be fair some people think that the story did that and others do not. Doom takes a step back and is more about the killing of things than trying to force a narrative into the game.


There is a story in the game. It is about how we have tried to siphon energy from Hell. Which let’s face it was always going to be bad. Of course, things go wrong, demons try to kill you and everything else and only you can stop it. The story is quite fun in an 80’s action movie kind of way and to be fair we feel the story is a lot better than people give it credit for. It is not as in depth or long winded as the one from Doom 3, but that is a good thing.


The Original And Now

The original Doom was a game-changer in the world of first-person shooters and many people wondered what could they really do with a new Doom game? Well, they did a great job. This is a game that is all about having your finger on the trigger. Doom has a very old school kind of feel to it. You will enter a room, monsters will be in it or fill it and then you have to kill them all. No prancing around admiring the scenery, you just have to kill, kill and kill some more. The game does it so well and it feels so satisfying that you never actually get bored of this.


A huge reason as to why shooting these spawns of hell is so much fun is that the guns are just so cool. Each gun has different mods and modes so while at a glance you may think Doom is lacking in weapons. When you do mod or change the mode of a gun it can feel like a whole new weapon. If you damage an enemy enough and do not deliver a killing blow then you can do a Glory Kill. This is a super gory finishing move which on paper sounds like it would interrupt the flow of the game, but that is not the case at all. These look really cool and they will give you some much-needed health back when you do one as well.


Health Issues?

Which takes us to our next point. There is no health regeneration! This might make some people wet their pants in fear, but that is the way Doom has always been. You cannot just run and hide behind a wall until your health regenerates. You need to find some health packs or perform a Glory Kill. This adds a real element of danger to the game and while you will most of the time go into an area all guns blazing. If an area is filled with tougher enemies who can do some real damage. You will want to think not before you shoot, but think while you shoot. You will always be on the lookout for an opportunity to do a Glory Kill as this is the best way to get some health back.


Powers And Upgrades

There are some powers and upgrades that you can obtain throughout the game and these are handled very well. When you do certain things in the games like using a direct explosive shot to kill Imps for example you get the chance to upgrade. This is a lot of fun and most of the things the game asks you to do are great and you will really enjoy doing them. Some people say this kind of thing should not be in a Doom game, but we thought it was a lot of fun and it is something that we really enjoyed doing.


Doom has a great map so getting lost is not really an issue and when you do have an objective like getting a key card or something like that. A marker can be used so you know where to go. If you are all about exploration though, you can switch this off and use your instincts to find it. Which we are sure some people will find a lot of fun. The enemy design in Doom is just incredible and while we do wish there were a few more bosses or that they were spread out a little better. We had an absolute blast taking them on, The Cyberdemon in particular, is a fantastic fight.


What About The Multiplayer?

Multiplayer in Doom is a lot of fun. You have your standard team Deathmatch and Domination to play. But there are some other great game modes as well. Soul Harvest sees you needing to not just kill your enemies, but harvest their souls as well which adds to your team’s score. Freeze Tag is just like the game you played in the schoolyard, a teammate gets frozen and you tag him to unfreeze. Except unlike in your schoolyard, this is set on Mars or in Hell. Another fun game mode is Warpath where your team needs to fight to control a specific zone on the map.


SnapMap is something that you will either get really into or not care about. But it is a very ambitious addition to the game. SnapMap basically lets you make your own maps where you can control pretty much every aspect of it. It is not just about putting up a few walls and choosing what the textures are. You do not just fill a map up with enemies, you can actually dictate how they will behave! There is just a million little things you can do in SnapMap to make your map different from everyone else’s.


Doom Gameplay Video:


Doom Final Thoughts

Doom is an incredible game and by far one of the best PC games of 2016. It has an exciting single player campaign that you will want to come back to again and again. Plus the multiplayer modes are a lot of fun and for those creative gamers out there, SnapMap is sure to take over their lives! In all this, Doom is a great game and one that is very easy for us to recommend.

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