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Crowtel Renovations

Crowtel Renovations is an action-adventure platform game. You play as a crow and run a hotel. Make your way through 9 chaotic levels and check out a few disruptive tenants. As you try to fix up this trashy vacation spot and save a little crow’s job.


All hell breaks loose when a couple of health inspector cats show up to this crow’s door.


This action-adventure platform game is set inside a broken down hotel. Each floor acts as a new level filled with wacky obstacles, cute characters, and tough challenges.


Crowtel Renovations also serves as a remastered version of Crowtel, the first game in the series. Though with various improvements and new features.

This remastered version includes an all new unlockable story mode, a developer commentary, as well as various added features. The issues with bugs from the original game have been addressed and fixed.


Crowtel Renovations Gameplay Video


Crowtel Renovations Final Thoughts

Prepare to have some fun in this cute, challenging old-fashioned style platform game. Crowtel Renovations features good level design, cute characters, and unique boss fights. This is a simple yet fun game anybody can enjoy. Do you want to be a crow and run a hotel? If that sounds like a fun thing to do. Then you should check out this game today.


Genre: Action-adventure platform game

Developer: SinksAdventure

Release date: January 7, 2017

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