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Crimson Nights

Crimson Nights is a multiplayer action-adventure dungeon crawler game. In this game, players need to survive floors of enemies. You can team up with your friends locally or play for themselves in 1 to 4 player dungeon crawler action.


The game features 4 game modes for you to choose from.


I. A dungeon crawler game mode that players descend infinitely down different dungeons.

II. A survival mode where players fight in one room against hordes of enemies.

III. Player vs Player where people can fight each other to decide the best player.

IV. A floors mode where an objective can be set for players to reach.

Crimson Nights Gameplay Video


Crimson Nights Final Thoughts

We recommend Crimson Nights to all gamers who enjoy the dungeon crawler genre. The game has a cool 8-bit type of graphics, nice sound, and overall solid gameplay.


Genre: Action-adventure game

Developer: The Crimson Nights Team, Spiky Fish Games

Release date: January 2, 2017

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