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Celestial Breach

Celestial Breach is a sci-fi action arcade-style flight game with a focus on team play VS NPC. A lot of the old school arcade flight sim components are featured in this game while being refreshing by focusing on cooperation. While adding more exotic weapons, abilities, and gameplay mechanics.


The game has an “arcade” type game mode where you restart from the first level each time. A good amount of gameplay diversity makes every game session different and interesting. At the beginning of the game each player chooses an airplane class and a secondary weapon. Then they are required to complete a few objectives in order to progress to the next level.

Whilst in combat players are able to upgrade their aircraft and choose new exotic abilities and weapons. Upgrades can be performed from an in-game upgrade menu. Players will progress to the next level together eventually after completing all missions. In case all the players fail simultaneously. The game ends and must be restarted from level 1.


Celestial Breach features various classes of airplanes. Each with their own flight characteristics and unique secondary weapons. Secondary weapons range from Railgun to Cluster Missiles. The player can upgrade various things of the aircraft. This includes armor, speed, shield, locking speed, range, and more. The game features various special abilities such as speed boost, distract charge, healing beam, teleportation, and flare charge.


You will encounter various types of enemies ranging from small fighter aircraft to the ground missile launchers. Some of the objectives you will need to complete throughout the game are such as “destroy all targets”, “protect allied targets”. On occasion, you will also be required to take down a big enemy spaceship boss. Or fly on a restricted altitude. This can be challenging to the player when flying in the canyons for example.


Celestial Breach Gameplay Video


Celestial Breach Final Thoughts

The game has a huge emphasis on team play and cooperation with your friends. Celestial Breach features intuitive controls and the dogfighting element is a lot of fun. It really makes you want to keep playing. We highly recommend this game to all who enjoy old-school style arcade flight shooter games. This is one of the best games released in 2017 so far. Check it out today. It will be worth your time if you are into this genre and love arcade.


Genre: Sci-fi action-arcade flight game

Developer: Dark Nebulae

Release date: January 3, 2017 (early access)

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