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Camper Jumper Simulator

Camper Jumper Simulator is a racing game featuring lots of puzzles, challenges, and hidden secrets to discover. You will come across challenging trails with lots of shortcuts you can take to win.


The player can use NOS and handbrake turns to get through the route as quick as possible. Jump over deep rock crevices, though beware of mutated animals and a not very friendly alien civilization!


Together with two friends you travel to Raven Rock. It features a small canyon and wilderness. It has become the center of entertainment and you just really want to get there. You thought the holidays are relaxing times and that you will clear your head and get some wild ideas. Perhaps it would be fun to also test some of the vehicles in the area. Well, that’s what you thought.


It quickly turns out that not everything is as it should be. The area is abandoned. Rumors spoke of strange mutated animals and wild beasts from the past. And even an alien civilization visiting Earth! It must all be nonsense you thought and started getting the car ready for the ride. You will get to test the car by solving puzzles of Raven Rock. Clever thinking and good skills will be required.


On your journey, you will visit ancient caves, and use left behind machines by the fleeing workers. Just use everything you can to stop the alien invasion!

Camper Jumper Simulator Gameplay Video


Camper Jumper Simulator Final Thoughts

This game is pretty insane and a whole lot of fun to play. You can choose from 3 cool vehicles such as a camper, bus, or a van. The game has lots of puzzles to discover and solve and there are several fun things you can do in the game. How about trying to escape a giant spider? Or maybe collect some coins, stars, or chickens? If this sounds like weird, but fun things to do. Then you are correct and you need to check out Camper Jumper Simulator as soon as possible!


Genre: Action racing game with puzzles

Developer: No-Brain Studio

Release date: January 3, 2017

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