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Block blackhatworld.com Google Analytics Referral Spam Fix

Recently there has been a lot of referral ghost spam in Google Analytics, affecting many people around the world and disrupting their google analytics data. Now there is a new problem with blackhatworld.com referral spam (from Referral traffic source). I have created a very simple Filter which fixes this issue immediately, 100%!


The blackhatworld.com spam in Google Analytics is coming up as Referral source and country of origin is Russia, like this:




After hovering over the link the full URL appears to be:




Here is a screenshot:

Blackhatworld google analytics referral spam fix screenshot Supercomtech

Blackhatworld google analytics referral spam fix


As you can see the Medium says it is Referral and Source is blackhatworld.com. I have tried several ways to fix this issue. What has worked for me instantly, and is still working is this filter I have created for Google Analytics:

Blackhatworld google analytics referral spam fix screenshot 2

Blackhatworld google analytics referral spam fix

Blackhatworld google analytics referral spam fix

Blackhatworld google analytics referral spam fix



In Google Analytics click the Admin tab (left side of the screen near the top) and select All Filters. Next, click ADD FILTER. Fill out the first box asking you for Filter Name. Name it something like “Blackhatworld referral spam”. Next, the Filter Type needs to be set to Custom and Exclude must be selected. Click the Filter Field drop-down menu and select Page Title. Next, in Filter Pattern enter this:



The Case Sensitive box should be ticked as you can see in the screenshot. Below you will see Apply Filter to Views, select one of the Available Views: All Web Site Data and click Add. Next, click SAVE and you’re done!


No Problem!

This ongoing issue was becoming very frustrating but creating this filter has fixed the blackhatworld.com Google Analytics referral spam from appearing in the Supercomtech Google Analytics data. I hope this issue will also solve your problem, and I’m sure it will. Please comment below and tell us if you are happy with this solution.



This fix Really Does Work if you follow the steps properly. After you create the filter you will need to wait at least 5 minutes. Also, remember to look at Active Users in Google Analytics Real-time Traffic Sources. Do not look at “Pageviews (Last 30 min)” when you are testing to see if this fix worked for you.

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