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Blink the Bulb

Blink the Bulb is a 16-bit action-adventure platform game. The game is set in massive, holiday-themed realms featuring 6 unique worlds to explore.


Players can mix and match various powerups on their quest to defeat the evil Holidaemon in this wicked old-school type game.


Once upon a time things were peaceful in the Jubilee Realm – a distant universe formed from individuals’ fond memories of the holidays. Humanity’s composite recollections were weaved here into brilliant landscapes and simple, kindly beings. However, after some years passed, the thoughts that shaped the realm have been ruined by a dark force – people’s malicious memories of their special occasions.


The Holidaemon are 6 ruthless beings born from this negative energy. They have started taking over the Jubilee Realm and threaten to infect all its inhabitants with their negative influence. The positive thing is all is not lost. Blink the Bulb, a lone resident of Winter Land, has decided to defeat the Holidaemon. He sets out to stop them from conquering the entire world. As he looks to the sky, he vows to defeat their evil and restore the inhabitants of the Jubilee Realm to their former selves.

The game consists of 6 holiday-themed worlds and features. Prepare to explore massive open levels with day/night cycles in between levels. This causes changes in enemy behaviors and various other things including obtainable items. There are various types of items the player can collect and use throughout the game.


Blink the Bulb Gameplay Video


Blink the Bulb Final Thoughts

Anybody who likes classic style games similar to some of those we used to play on Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo. Check out Blink the Bulb because you are going to love it. We recommend this game to anybody in general, looking to play a good 16-bit action-adventure platform game. This game is free to play on Steam! We hope to see more 8-bit and 16-bit games be released in the near future.


Genre: Action-adventure platform game

Developer: White Sparkle Games

Release date: January 2, 2017

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