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Blaite is an action-adventure platform game. The game is known for its high difficulty and a steep learning curve. Gameplay is very similar to Super Meat Boy.


This is a difficult, though at the same time fun and addictive game. You will enjoy having to repeat a level dozens of times until you can manage to complete them. Enjoy this fun platform game with your friends and challenge them.


Game Features:

The player will receive up to 5 new levels each week whilst the game is still in early access release status. So get ready for hours of fun and frustration… all at once. But in a good way! Blaite is perfect for playing with your friends. There will be lots of laughs as you laugh with them… or at them.

Blaite Gameplay Video


Blaite Final Thoughts

This is a simple, difficult, and fun game. Gameplay is good and the modern music is nice. If you like games like Super Meat Boy then we recommend you chek out Blaite as it is a similar game and just as fun to play. Prepare to have a good laugh and see plenty of troll moments as you progress through the game. The game is now available for sale on steam and can be bought for a very low price. A good platform game overall.


Genre: Action-adventure platform game

Developer: Glossware Games

Release date: January 2, 2017

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