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Bitdude is a virtual reality arcade game. It commemorates the 1980’s arcade game everyone knows and loves: Pac-Man! But things are not exactly what you are thinking.


This game is like Pac-Man though with various differences. The game is set in a 3D environment and played from a first-person perspective. Since this is a VR game, it is played with a virtual reality headset.


Bitdude is the classic story of our favorite little dot-chomper. Sure, eating dots and fruit to get more points seemed harmless. But did you ever stop to think about their lives?


You play as a “bit” (one of the dots from the game) and you need to watch out for Chompman. He is like Pac-Man… But here is the twist: He is the bad guy. And he is hungry! So you play as a dot and you need to survive, avoid being eaten by Pac-Man (Chompman). I am sure you already think this game sounds interesting. And yes, it certainly is!


Your objective is to guide your fellow bits (the other dots) to safety. You can also eat the fruit before Chompman gets a chance. By rescuing fellow bits and eating fruit is how you get high scores in this game.


Bitdude Gameplay Video


Bitdude Final Thoughts

This game is a whole lot of fun and one of the best virtual reality games released in 2017. If you like Pac-man then you are going to love this game. Bitdude is so similar yet so different. See it as “Pac-Man from an alternate reality” and things are “not quite the way they should be”. Something is not right here, though everything is “OK”!


Since this is such a fun game. You will not be concerned about the many differences. We highly recommend this game to all kinds of gamers amongst us. Check it out today, it is free to play on Steam. But watch out for the yellow guy… with HORNS and big teeth!


Genre: VR action arcade game

Developer: Will Mearns

Release date: 2017 (early access)

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