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The year 2004 is one of the best years in the history of gaming. A huge amount of quality games was released. To see which games are the best games of 2004. OK no messing around with our best PC games of 2004 list. As we have a lot of games we want to give special mention to in this summary! Take a look and see what we thought of some of the biggest PC games of 2004. Please check the list below and have fun looking at these amazing classics!


Battlefield Vietnam

Battlefield Vietnam Best PC Games 2004 SuperComTech

Battlefield Vietnam

Battlefield Vietnam is a first-person shooter by Digital Illusions CE. It is the second game in the Battlefield series released after Battlefield 1942. The game is set during the Vietnam War and features maps based on real historical settings.


The gameplay is similar to that of Battlefield 1942. Mostly the objective is to take Control Points around the map. Which enables friendly players and vehicles to spawn. The player has access to a variety of weapons based on the war.


Various contemporary weapons and concepts are featured such as the AK47 assault rifle and punji stick traps. Players are able to fire weapons from the car whilst driving. 


An updated version of the game titled Battlefield Vietnam: Redux was re-released in 2005. It includes new vehicles and maps.



Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2 Best PC Games 2004 SuperComTech

Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2 is a tile-matching puzzle game by PopCap Games. It is the sequel to Bejeweled and features various secret gameplay modes. They can be accessed by beating levels of Classic, Puzzle, Endless, and Action modes.


Gameplay involves swapping one gem with an adjacent gem to form a chain of three or more gems of the same color. After creating such a chain, the gems disappear and cause randomly generated gems to fall from the top to take the matched gems’ place.


Sometimes, falling gems automatically line up, causing chain reactions. This is called a cascade.


Several different modes of gameplay are available such as Action, Blitz, Classic, Endless, and Puzzle.




Conflict: Vietnam

Conflict: Vietnam Best PC Games 2004 SuperComTech

Conflict: Vietnam

Conflict: Vietnam is a tactical third-person shooter by Pivotal Games. It is the third game in the Conflict series.  The player takes control of a squad of four 101st Airborne Division soldiers on the eve of the Tet Offensive in 1968.


The game starts in 1968, just days before the Tet Offensive begins. A 19-year old Private Harold Kahler is introduced to his squadmates on a Huey gunship. While heading to “Ghost Town”, a 101st Airborne Division base in South Vietnam. 28-year old Staff Sergeant Frank “Ragman” Wier is the leader. He is highly familiar with the Vietnam War from 2 previous tours of duty.


Corporals Bruce “Junior” Lesh and Will “Hoss” Schafer comprise the rest of the squad. The 1968 Tet Offensive occurs just after Kahler’s first combat patrol. He and the rest of the squad soon find themselves cut off behind enemy lines after the helicopters deploying them on a night patrol are shot down.


Doom 3

Doom 3 Best PC Games 2004 SuperComTech

Doom 3

Doom 3 is a sci-fi survival horror first-person shooter by id Software. It is the third game in the Doom series and serves as a reboot of the Doom franchise. Disregarding storylines of the previous Doom games.


The game takes place on Mars in the year 2145. A military-industrial conglomerate has set up a scientific research facility. With the aim to research into fields such as teleportation, biological research, and advanced weapons design. However, the teleportation experiments inadvertently open a gateway to Hell. This results in a catastrophic invasion by demons!


The player takes control of a space marine who has just arrived on the UAC’s Mars base. He now must fight through the base and find a way to stop the demons attacking Earth.





Far Cry

Far Cry Best PC Games 2004 SuperComTech

Far Cry

Far Cry is a first-person shooter by Crytek Studios. Several sequels to the game have been released since the release of the original title. Far Cry 2 (2008), Far Cry 3 (2012), and Far Cry 4 (2014). Several spin-offs were also released.


The story follows an ex-Special Forces operator named Jack Carver. Who is stranded on a mysterious archipelago in Micronesia. The player takes control of Jack and sets out searching for a female journalist he was escorting after she went missing when their sailboat was destroyed by mercenaries. Jack travels across the various islands. Battling mysterious mercenaries in search for Val.


Through encounters with Trigens (genetically altered beasts) and information from Doyle. Jack soon discovers that the island is part of an experiment involving genetic modification. Funded by the genetic company Krieger Corp and led by its CEO, Dr. Krieger.



FIFA Football 2005

FIFA Football 2005 Best PC Games 2004 SuperComTech

FIFA Football 2005

FIFA Football 2005 is a sports simulation football game by EA Canada. It is the 12th game released and one of many games released in the FIFA football series. The game has several improvements over the earlier releases.


The game features a create-a-player mode. Which allows the player to create and customize their soccer player. The main difference compared to previous titles from the series was the inclusion of first-touch gameplay. This new gameplay element provided gamers the ability to perform real-life tricks and passes.


It was also the first version to feature the full Mexican League and increased sales in the United States. The FIFA Theme soundtrack was composed by DJ Paul Oakenfold.






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