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Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is finally here! The Battlefield series is incredibly popular and comparing it to Call Of Duty seems to be something that gives people as much enjoyment as playing the game itself. Well today, we are not going to do that. We are going to look at Battlefield 1 on its own merit and see just how good this game is! As one of the most anticipated PC games of 2016, Battlefield 1 certainly has a lot of hype behind it but does it live up to it. Please keep on reading to see our honest thoughts on Battlefield 1.


How Is The Campaign?

Forget the campaign I just want the multiplayer!!!! Is what some people say, but this year’s campaign is simply put, a heck of a lot of fun. The campaign of Battlefield 1 is called War Stories and is set during the first world war and it is more like a series of mini stories than one long sprawling campaign and it works very well. The campaign has five different stories as well as a prolog that range from the mud-filled and brutal Western Front to Africa where you join up with Lawrence Of Arabia. What is great about this story is that it is not about the politics of the war, but the people. Even though each section is rather short, you really do feel a connection with the people you play as. While they clearly want to win the war for their side. It is their own personal story and goals that make these stories work and make you really want to succeed.


Going from one story to the next can sometimes though be a little bit awkward as your character, basically needs to die! If you survive longer than is needed then you can die in a  strange or out of the blue way. It is not a bad thing, but it can sometimes come out of nowhere and feel weird. The different sections are really cool and give you a taste of the different weapons of the era. You will be fighting it out in a mud filled battlefield one section and then causing havoc in a tank before piloting a primitive biplane in the next one. The missions in the story mode are not anything groundbreaking or fantastic and the enemy AI is not the sharpest tool in the box. But overall it is well worth your time to play through the Battlefield 1 campaign as it does prepare you very well for the multiplayer.


World War 1 Weapons Are Cool!

The weapons on offer are a real highlight in the game and feel very different to what you get in most modern first-person shooters. While bolt action rifles, flamethrowers and semi-automatic rifles do not sound new and exciting. Their design and handling most certainly are. The savage use of mustard gas is something that you do and in all honesty, it does give you an uneasy feeling when you do have to use it. You will have a lot of fun making use of the weapons and in multiplayer, we are sure that over time there will be those that are branded useless and those overpowered. During the single player campaign. You get to use a good mix of the weapons as ammo is so limited. It often forces you to ditch one gun and try another which is a great way to get you used to different guns before you take on the multiplayer.


Take To The Skies

We wanted to take a moment to talk about the flying sections in Battlefield 1. The biplanes that you fly are just incredible. You feel like you have complete control and no matter where an enemy is. With the right timing, patience and skill, you will be able to get to them and take them down. The flying sections are made even better by some truly incredible graphics. Seeing the world below you or the beauty of the sky right in front of you makes it hard not to take your eyes off the action, even for a brief second. By far the biplanes are one of the major highlights of Battlefield 1 especially the one where you need to take down two huge hulking German airships!


The Multiplayer Is Flat Out Awesome!!!

If you played the campaign then you will be ready for the multiplayer as it does prepare you very well. Which is great if you are a new player to the series. The multiplayer is much like it has been before, is at its best when you are working as a team. The maps are huge and with the weapons being so much fun to use, you really are in for a great time. You have eight different classes to choose from so there is a lot of variety. The usual game modes that you would expect in a Battlefield game are here, but there is one that deserves some special attention.


That game mode is Operations. This is the big multiplayer game mode for Battlefield 1 and it sees one side needing to advance and the other defend. It is like a mix of rush and conquest and the battles can last an hour or so! This may sound like too long, but as the environment changes, you will be amazed at how quick the time goes by in this mode. Each battle really does feel like you are in the middle of an epic war and your side can only win if you are victorious here. Playing with strangers is fine, but playing with people you know and have an understanding with is the real beauty of Operations mode. Putting a plan together, watching it unfold and winning the game is truly a great joy. At the same time, when it all goes wrong and everything goes to hell. The all out war that happens is a lot of fun and very nerve wracking.


Another fun game mode is War Pigeon which is kind of like capture the flag expect you are looking for a pigeon. So when one player has the pigeon then need to bring it back so it is up to the team to protect him and make a path. The opposition though they want that pigeon and need to take down the guy who has it. It is a game mode that sounds kind of silly, but it offers a lot of fun and is ideal for those who want to just have a quick game that is more about having fun with your buddies online.


The multiplayer in Battlefield 1 really is something quite special and no matter if you just want some normal conquest, rush, team Deathmatch, War Pigeon or you want to take on the Operations mode. You are going to be having a lot of fun, we see this as a game that is truly going to be huge and have a great online community.


Battlefield 1 PC Gameplay Video


Battlefield 1 Final Thoughts

Battlefield 1 on PC is a fantastic game. One that has a fun, but short campaign and one of the best multiplayer modes of any game this year. We would go as far to say that Battlefield 1 is actually the best in the series since Battlefield: Bad Company 2. This is well worth picking up. Battlefield 1 is a game that manages to showcase the horrors of the first world war. But that does not mean it is not a lot of fun as after each battle “let’s just have one more game” is sure to be said over and over again until you realize it is 3 AM and you have been playing for hours. This is by far one of the best PC games of 2016!

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