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AudioBeats is a Virtual Reality music game. It is played in a traditional rhythm game style. Players can go with the rhythm of the music to beat the oncoming note. The game serves as a tribute to classic VR rhythm games.


What sets AudioBeats apart from other VR rhythm games is the determine point is set in front of a distance. With the hitting panel positioned at the side. This clever arrangement makes it easier for the player to better to judge and hit. The flying orbs in the game indicate rhythm of the music. When an orb touches the hexagon areas, you need to knock the panels to crash it.


The game features an advanced collision algorithm and nested logic for examining the player’s actions. In order to attain the different types of notes hit. AudioBeats follows the traditional way of music production. From the production of the song to the arrangement of notes. There are 3 types of the notes: single, long key, and the direction key.


You can easily lose track of time playing this game. And find yourself playing for hours just to get a high score. This game is very similar to the addictive Japanese rhythm arcade games. If you are familiar with those and you like that kind of thing. Then you will most likely enjoy playing AudioBeats.

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AudioBeats Final Thoughts

This game is very much like the Drums from Rock Band. It features an impressive arcade-style vibe and some really catchy tunes to keep you jamming. AudioBeats is a fun VR rhythm game with adjustable difficulty levels for every song. If you have good timing then you will be exceptionally good at this game and achieve some impressive high scores.


We recommend this game to all who are fond of rhythm games. AudioBeats can be bought for a low price on Steam. If you are thinking about buying it, then make sure you already have a virtual reality headset. It is required to play this game.


Genre: Virtual reality rhythm game

Developer: Famiku

Release date: January 6, 2017

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