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Ariel is an intense first-person/third-person sci-fi survival space terror game. It follows the story of Professor Ferdinand Ludec on his quest to escape his destiny and avoid losing his mind.


The game features a partially procedurally generated world, along with different endings to the story. Which are some of the things adding extra replayability value to this game.


Get ready to experience a unique survival adventure as you take the role of Ferdinand Ludec. He is a mathematician who arrives in Ariel, one of Uranus’ moons. Things get bad and worrisome as you find out that an entire crew of scientists is dead at your arrival.


Ariel is the name of Uranus’ moon the game takes place on. And also the name of a black budget project funded by a strange group of people. Professor Ferdinand Ludec is an expert in Electro Mono-Pole theory. It is by chance that this knowledge puts him in a difficult situation.

As the game progresses and the story unfolds. You will come across various types of threats and life-endangering situations. You will experience difficult moments of hunger, feeling tired and anxious, and all whilst trying to avoid falling into insanity! Things can get bad to the point where at times you might feel like there is no way out. But is there?


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Ariel Final Thoughts

This game is intense right from the start. You will need to think hard, concentrate, and keep your cool throughout the game. In order to overcome various difficult and life-threatening situations, you will face in the game. Prepare for a battle of fear, anxiety, mystery, and hunger. Your strong will to survive and avoid insanity will give you the strength to give it your best. We highly recommend Ariel to all enthusiasts of the sci-fi and space terror/survival games genre.


Genre: First-person/third-person sci-fi survival space terror

Developer: Nuclear Fiction

Release date: January, 2017

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