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Archipelago: Navigable VR Comic

Archipelago: Navigable VR Comic is a Virtual Reality comic. It has 65 characters and features 6,787 lines of dialogue. You are placed inside a comic world as the stories around you play out in real-time. The player can freely move around, and even fly as the story unfolds.


The game’s written content is approximately equivalent to a 100-page book. To follow every of the 65 characters from start to finish would take over 30 hours.


This VR navigable comic story simulation requires players to use virtual reality headsets in order to be able to play it. Headsets such as HTC Vive are compatible and can be used.

Archipelago: Navigable VR Comic Gameplay Video

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Archipelago: Navigable VR Comic Final Thoughts

What sets this navigable virtual reality comic story simulation apart from the others. Is the fact that you are free to move around (including flying) as the story plays out. The graphics are nice and colorful. You will enjoy the calming background music as you progress through each of the 65 characters’ stories.


We recommend Archipelago: Navigable VR Comic to all who enjoy the virtual reality story simulation genre. This is a fun and immersive VR story experience with over 30 hours of comic story VR fun.


Genre: Virtual reality story simulation

Developer: Walkie Entertainment

Release date: January 7, 2017

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