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Aragami is a third-person action-adventure stealth game. You play as Aragami. A undead assassin with supernatural abilities and the power to control shadows. By controlling the shadows we mean you can teleport from one shadow to another. Read on to see if you have what it takes to defeat the enemy.


The enemy goes by the name Kaiho. They are an army of warriors who possess the ability to control the light. The player will traverse across 13 chapters on his journey. Chapters are set in an open-world environment. Armed with a katana and the ability to teleport from one shadow to another. As you teleport through shadows you take down enemies. The player gains a raven later in the game. The raven is used to show the location of your objectives and it works even through walls.


To get through levels and reach the exit, the player needs to go to certain areas. You will then be required to either collect certain items or destroy obstacles. As you control Aragami throughout the game. You have all sorts of cool abilities. Weapons can be materialized and you can summon a shadow dragon to infiltrate the enemies and destroy the targets. Multiple paths can be taken to beat each scenario. Your story, your choice.


Your ultimate goal in the game is to defeat Kaiho. The army of light. By doing so you will rescue Yamiko. She is the mysterious girl who summoned you. And the very reason for your existence. Use your supernatural powers and fight Light with Shadow. You will uncover a wonderful story about twin souls bound together by destiny that surpasses time and memory.


Aragami Gameplay Video


Aragami Final Thoughts

We can say with confidence that Aragami is one of the best stealth games we have seen this year. The game features a wonderful story, fantastic gameplay, good sounds, and artistic visuals. This game is a good example why we need more Ninja games. Because Ninjas are awesome and we want more games like this. If you like Ninja games or just stealth games in general. Do yourself a favor and check out Aragami today. Only then will you have the chance to defeat Kaiho and rescue Yamiko. Send the army of light to the dark ages where they belong.

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