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Anarcute is a riot simulation and beat ’em up game featuring adorable little creatures. Are you ready for huge-scale chaos, colorful destruction, and action-packed crowd beat ’em up gameplay? If this sparks your interest. Then you have come to the right place. Read on to see what Anarcute is all about.


Times are tough in the city. Several evil corporations have taken over major cities in the world. Not only that but they took over the media and brainwashed the police! Those evil people now dictate the citizens’ lives from the heights of their skyscrapers. It is time to act now and stop the awful Brainwash Patrol from dominating the world.


The citizens stand together through thick and thin. As you play Anarcute, you will not be controlling a single character. But rather a whole crowd. The crowd becomes more powerful the bigger it gets. The city is your playground and it has all the tools you need to fight back. Trash cans, bikes, fire hydrants, cars, and even phone booths. These can all be used as throwable weapons. With a big enough crowd you can even bring down entire buildings onto enemies.


Though be warned. Your enemies are also well capable and ready to put up a fight. They have lasers, electric turrets, mortars, spider robots, and even helicopters to use against you. Anarcute takes you through 5 impressive cities as you set out on your adventure. You will go from Tokyo to Paris and through Reykjavik and Miami. Explore the cities thoroughly to find all the animals and customize the crowd to your liking.


Anarcute Gameplay Video


Anarcute Final Thoughts

Blazing is amazing. Do you have what it takes to lead your citizens to success and free the world of evil? How would you like to get hold of a phone booth and throw it at your enemies? In Anarcute you can do all these things and so much more. Anarcute is flaming good fun with endless amounts of fun. We highly recommend this game to all kinds of gamers. Try this unique game today and become a part of the cute revolution.

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