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American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator is a truck driving simulation game. It is a parallel sequel to Euro Truck Simulator 2. The game is similar to 18 Wheels of Steel.


You will experience what it is like to live the exciting trucker’s life. Prepare to get behind the wheel of these legendary American trucks and enjoy the journey through breathtaking landscapes of the United States.


You are a new driver for hire and your job as a truck driver will consist of delivering cargo to various locations across the USA. It will take you to sunny California, sandy Nevada, Grand Canyon State of Arizona, and the legendary wild west. As you hit the road you will see stunning landmarks along the way. The player can choose from lots of different types of cargo. From food to machinery to dangerous good as an example.


You live where you work. Because your truck is your new home. Cabins can be changed to suit your liking and comfort. Feel the need for more power? No problem. Choose from several tuning accessories and even change engines. You can also change chassis and paint your truck a different color. Multiple types of trailers are available for you to choose from. Such as reefers, flatbeds, dumpers, lowboys, and goosenecks. Some trailers are up to 53 feet long. This will really challenge your skills.


American Truck Simulator Gameplay Video


American Truck Simulator Final Thoughts

To put it straightforward and simple. American Truck Simulator is a truck driving simulation at its best. The whole game is just brilliant and such an amazing experience. You are in full control of the truck as you are able to control so many things. This is like the “truck equivalent” to what Microsoft Flight Simulator X is for flying airplanes. All sorts of things can be adjusted. You really feel like you are inside a real cabin. Even the seat, mirrors, and driving position can be adjusted.


American Truck Simulator is a perfect fit for all who love trucks. Or those who want to get into trucks and see what it is like to be driving one. We highly recommend this game to all gamers and encourage you to try it out.

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