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American McGee’s Alice


American McGee's Alice

American McGee’s Alice

American McGee’s Alice is a third-person psychological horror action video game set years after Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Shortly after her second adventure, Through the Looking-Glass, Alice’s house is burnt down by an accidental fire, killing her family and leaving her as the only survivor.


As time goes by Alice loses touch with reality. She is institutionalized in Rutledge Asylum, where she is observed and treated by Dr. Heironymous Wilson. Alice’s only possession in Rutledge is a stuffed rabbit. Ten years after Alice was committed to Rutledge, she finds herself sucked back into a Wonderland that has been twisted by her own broken mind.


The White Rabbit summons Alice to aid a radically altered Wonderland, which became a twisted version of itself as it came under the horrible rule of the Queen of Hearts. The Cheshire Cat serves as Alice’s companion throughout the game. A sequel titled Alice: Madness Returns was released in 2011.




American McGee’s Alice Game Screenshots:

American McGee's Alice Screenshot Best PC Games 2000 SuperComTech        American McGee's Alice Screenshot 2 Best PC Games 2000 SuperComTech        American McGee's Alice Screenshot 3 Best PC Games 2000 SuperComTech        American McGee's Alice Screenshot 4 Best PC Games 2000 SuperComTech

American McGee’s Alice system requirements:

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