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Alekhine’s Gun

Alekhine’s Gun is a third-person action stealth game. The game is set primarily during the Cold War with flashback missions set in World war 2. You take the role of Agent Alekhine. A highly skilled Russian assassin.


The Cold War is a time of global uncertainty and civil unrest. You play as a highly ranked Russian KGB agent. Who finds himself involved in a covert operation by the country he once served. As you work alongside American CIA agents. Your mission is clear but not easy to accomplish. One wrong move could mean the end. As at any moment, this tense situation could escalate and develop into a nuclear war.


In Alekhine’s Gun there is plenty you can do. Explore 11 open-world levels set across the America, Cuba, and Europe. As you move freely and tackle objectives in any order you like. Use your own strategy and playstyle in each level to complete missions. Multiple routes can be taken. You will come across hidden rooms and find various methods to execute assignments.


Gameplay consists of creating distractions, picking locks, and retrieving important documents to discover new information. Enemies can be taken care of with specialized weapons. Additional weapons can be acquired after each level if you complete missions without causing attention. Various tactics such as using poisons, staging accidents, and purposely alerting guards to your advantage. You can whistle to lure a guard and beat him half to death.


Alekhine’s Gun Gameplay Video


Alekhine’s Gun Final Thoughts

For those who have played the Death to Spies series. You will notice many similarities to this game. Despite the mixed reviews. Alekhine’s Gun is a fun stealth game with the goal to silently complete your objectives. But you can also choose to take a more action-oriented road. Or a combination of both. We recommend checking out Alekhine’s Gun if you can find it at a good price.

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