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Abzu is an adventure game set in a beautifully vibrant ocean world. You play as a diver in a place full of mystery and bursting with color and life. Though not an open-world game, progression through the game is linear and environments are designed to be explored.


Players can explore various environments such as caverns, flooded ruins, deep sea areas, and coral reefs. Gameplay takes place in different areas under the sea. The focus of this game is on peaceful interactions with aquatic animals.


Besides interacting with aquatic animals, you can also take part in other activities. These consist of swimming, exploring, underwater acrobatics, and interacting with fish and other aquatic animals. At times you can witness predatory behaviors between fish while interacting with them. Fish will procedurally respond to your actions and each other.


Besides observing and interacting with fish. Get ready to discover countless unique species of creatures as you explore the thriving sea life. Immerse yourself deep in an ocean where ancient secrets lie forgotten. But you will need to be careful. Dangers lurk in these depths. AB means water, and ZU means to know. Some say ABZU is the ocean of wisdom.


Abzu Gameplay Video


Abzu Final Thoughts

Prepare for an unforgettable journey as you descend into the depths of Abzu. This is an immersive, unforgettable experience no gamer should miss out on. There is so much for you to discover in the unpredictable world of Abzu. Prepare yourself for a wonderful journey. Abzu will leave you speechless, amazed, and wondering why you waited so long before you bought this fantastic game.


We can highly recommend Abzu to all kinds of gamers. Especially to those of you looking for a fresh, calming experience. Or perhaps just something a little bit different. Because we believe this is one of those games which can be enjoyed by anybody. Whether you are a gamer, a scuba diver, or just want to enjoy observing the wonderful aquatic life… Abzu is for you.

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