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10 Second Ninja X

10 Second Ninja X is an action and puzzle platform game and the sequel to 10 Second Ninja. The gameplay is very similar to the first game in the series. You take control of your Ninja, the fastest Ninja in the world and you go to battle against various types of robots.


The psychotic Captian Greatbeard has kidnapped you and trapped your forest friends. You are surrounded by his big army of robots. The robots are your enemies and there are many of them everywhere. The goal is to destroy all the robots in each level and you need to do it as fast as you possibly can – in 10 seconds or less.


You can take down the robots by using your katana, or with throwing knives from the distance. 10 Second Ninja X features 100 mind-bending, punishingly difficult levels set across 11 game worlds for you to play and master.


Whilst you set out on your adventurous journey to defeat Greatbeard’s powerful robots, you will have a lot of fun things to do such as exploring Greatbeard’s magnificent airship, discovering secrets, solving puzzles, and much more. Besides addictively fun gameplay, 10 Second Ninja X looks great with its beautiful crisp graphics. Once you get really good at the game then it is time to climb the leaderboards and show the world who is the coolest and fastest Ninja of them all!


10 Second Ninja X Gameplay Video


10 Second Ninja X Final Thoughts

10 Second Ninja X is a hardcore, fast-paced finger action, intense, and enormously fun game. A lot of gamers will find this game to be difficult and frustrating at the start. Though after a while as you keep playing, you will figure it out and become really good at it. Then you can show them all who is the boss on the leaderboards and be proud of yourself. We highly recommend this game to all gamers who like fast-paced action-platform games. If you like this game then you should also check out the original game, titled 10 Second Ninja from the year 2014.

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